“Following Peter's instructions proved every time to be exactly right. We had a few issues which cropped up with Frankie after our initial lessons (chasing ponies) and again, once we followed Peter's advice, the problems went away.”
Mr & Mrs Sheed, owners of a rescue Collie

“His knowledge of canine psychology is clearly outstanding and he has the natural authority to turn that into well-trained dogs.”
B Stratton, owner of gun dogs

“Peter introduced me to an unbelievably obedient, very happy animal.
I was totally stunned by the transformation!”

J Stimpson-Yates, owner of a rescue Golden Retriever

“Peter is an outstanding trainer and has a great rapport with the dogs and owners alike.” K Sherry, owner of a Golden Retriever

“Peter is always amazing and encouraging to our daughter too, including her in the sessions in a positive and fun way.”
S Kennett, owner of a Labrador

“Every dog owner should have a Peter Butler to support them!”
S Day, owner of a German Pointer


“Peter is a wonderful dog trainer who has an ability to assess the dogs’ character, aptitude and potential. He also is very good at assessing the same aspects in the dog’s handler!” S Mallett, owner of a Labrador

“Peter Butler is just the best dog trainer I’ve met. He is calm, patient and so kind to the dogs.”
D Guild, owner of gun dogs

Dogs being trained by Peter