Gun dogs

Having worked and trained gun dogs for over 20 years, Peter Butler, through New Forest Dog Training offers one-to-one training to get the best results from your dog. Whether a young novice or a more experienced dog with ‘one or two areas for improvement’ or problems to cure, the owner works alongside the trainer to get the best out of the dog.

The natural ability and instincts of the dog are developed and combined with the discipline and control brought out by the training.

All training places emphasis on the following;

  • We come to you
  • One-to-One sessions
  • Full owner participation
  • Owner as ‘pack leader’
  • Firmness, fairness and trust
  • Post training monitoring

For final field training of gun dogs, it is also possible to introduce the dog to field work on shoot days. We have access to shooting estates in the area, as well as providing various training activities through the recently established New Forest Gundog Club, also run by Peter Butler.

Teaching to take hand directions and complete more advanced and unseen retrieves.